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About BU

Academic Services for Students

Academic Staff Profiles


Access to Information


Accounting and Taxation Academic Department

Additional Learning Support

Advances in Media Management (Research Centre)

Ageing & Dementia (Research Theme)

Archaeology and Anthropology Group (Research Centre)

Alumni Relations

Alumni Magazine


Apply for a course online (for eligible courses)

Applied Sciences (School of)

Around Bournemouth


askBU Students' Service - current student enquiry service

askBU Enquiry Service - prospective student enquiry service

AspireBU Programme

Atrium Gallery

Awards Ceremony


Biodiversity, Environmental Change and Green Economy (Research Theme)

BIRSt (Student Radio)

Board Members

The Bournemouth & Poole College

Bournemouth University Clinical Research Unit (BUCRU) (Research Centre)

Bridgwater College

BU & Beyond

BURO (BU Research Online)

BU 2018

Bursaries – Undergraduate

Bursaries – Postgraduate

Local Buses

Business Funding

The Business School (incorporating the Department of Law)

Business Services


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Careers Advisors and Teachers

Careers & Employability

Cash Team

Careers and Placements (Graduate Employment Service)

Catalogues & Resource (Library)

Centre for Archaeology, Anthropology & Heritage (now known as the Archaeology and Anthropology Group) (Research Centre)

Centre for Conservation Ecology & Environmental Change (now known as the Conservation Ecology and Environmental Sciences Research Group) (Research Centre)

Centre for Event and Sport Research (Research Centre)

Centre for Excellence in Media Practice (CEMP) (Research Centre)

Centre for Forensic Science (now known as the Forensic and Biological Sciences Research Group) (Research Centre)

Centre for GP Practice (Research Centre)

Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management (Research Centre)

Centre for Journalism and Communication Research (Research Centre)

Centre for Media History (Research Centre)

Centre for Midwifery, Maternal and Perinatal Health (Research Centre)

Centre of Postgraduate Medical Research and Education (COPMRE) (Research Centre)

Centre for Practice Development (Research Centre)

Centre for Qualitative Research (Research Centre)

Centre for Quality of Life and Wellbeing (Research Centre)

Centre for Social Work, Sociology and Social Policy (Research Centre)


Charitable Status

Cisco CNCNA training

Collaborative Partners

Communities, Culture & Conflicts (Research Theme)

Community Engagement

Computer Graphics and Visualisation Research Group (Research Centre)

Computer Support for Students

Conservation Sciences (School of) - now School of Applied Sciences


Continuing Professional Development Online Prospectus (Health and Social Care)



Contact the University

Contact for Emergency / Serious Incident


Council Tax Exemption

Counselling for Staff

Counselling for Students

Course Search

Creative Technology - School of Design, Engineering & Computing

Creative, Digital & Cognitive Sciences (Research Theme)

Creative Technology Research Centre (Research Centre)

Cricket Ground (Dean Park)



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Data Protection

Dean Park Cricket Ground

Dementia Institute (Research Centre)

School of Design, Engineering & Computing

Design Simulation Research Centre (Research Centre)

Diploma Supplements – Replacement/First Issue

Disability and Additional Learning Support

Disaster Management Centre (Research Centre)



Doctors (Medical Centre)


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Educational Development and Quality (EDQ)

Emerge (Research Centre)

Emergency and Serious Incident Telephone Number

Emerging Consumer Cultures Group (Research Centre)

Employer Placement Information

English Language Programmes



Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth (Research Theme)

Environmental Information (Save Earth)

Equality and Diversity



eTourismLab (Research Centre)

Event Management (Conferencing & Venue Hire)


Exam Timetable

Exhibitions Overseas


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Facebook – Bournemouth University’s official Facebook page

Facilities and Resources

Facilities for Hire

Feedback (website issues)

Faith – Religion & Beliefs

Festival of Design and Innovation

Finance Team

Finance and Business Economics Academic Department

Financial and Commercial Services

Financial Regs

Financing Your Studies

Foreign Direct Investment and Transition Economics (Research Centre)

Foreign Language Programmes

Forensic and Biological Sciences Group (Research Centre)

Foundation Degrees

Freedom of Information

Freshers Week



Future International Students

Future Students information


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Graduation – Replacement Certificates Request

Graduate Destinations

Graduate School

Graduate Employment Service – see Placements & Careers

Graduating Students

Gym Workshops


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Health – School of Health and Social Care

Health, Wellbeing & Society (Research Theme)

History of the University

Housing for Students (Accommodation)

Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour Academic Department


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ID Cards for Students

Industry – Services to

InfoSkills (Library Tutorial)

Influences on Consumer Behaviour (Research Centre)

Institute for Media & Communication Research (Research Centre)

Institutional Repository – BURO (BU Research Online)


International Applications

International Centre for Tourism & Hospitality Research (Research Centre)

International students

IT Services for staff and students


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John Kent Institute (Research Centre)


Key People

Kingston Maurward College

KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships)


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Language Centre

Latin America Research Group (Research Centre)

Department of Law (The Business School)

Law Academic Department

Learning Difficulties

Legal Services

Leisure, Recreation & Tourism (Research Theme)

The Sir Michael Cobham Library

Library Catalogues & Resources

Library Filming Requests

Library Tutorial – InfoSkills

LinkedIn – Bournemouth University’s official LinkedIn Account


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Management and Strategy Academic Department

Maps and Transport Information

Market Research Group (Research Centre)

The Media School

The Media School – Blog

Medical Centre

Medical Conditions and Study

Modelling Animation Games and Effects (Research Centre)


myBU login and access


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Narrative Research Group (Research Centre)

National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work (Research Centre)

NCCA/CARC (Research Centre)

New Staff (on Staff Intranet)

New Students


Advice to Students Applying From Nigeria



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Official Documents

Old Firestation (Student Venue)

Online Registration (New and Current Students)

Open Days – Visit BU

Order a Prospectus

Overseas Events


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Parashoot (online risk assessment tool)





Peer Assisted Learning

Personal Support for Students

PhD Studentships



Careers & Employability

PR Team (contact page)

Preparatory Programmes for International Students

Professional Development & Short Courses

Progress Research Newsletter (Hospitality and Tourism)

Politics and Media Group (Research Centre)

Postgraduate Applications (Full-time)

Postgraduate – information for prospective students

Postgraduate Open Days

Postgraduate Research Students

Post Qualification Courses (Health and Community Studies)


Privacy Statement

Professional development & training

The Project Library – Design, Engineering & Computing

Psychology – Design, Engineering & Computing

Psychology Research Group (Research Centre)

Psychology Research Group – Cognitive Science (Research Centre)

Publication Schemes

Public Relations Research Group (Research Centre)



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Receivables Team

Red Balloon Prodctions (Multimedia)

Registration Online (New and Current Students)

Regulation and Corporate Governance (Research Centre)

Regulations for Students

Religion & Belief

Replacement Certificates Request

Replacement / First Issue Diploma Supplements


Research Centres / Groups

Restaurants and Catering

Rules and Regulations – Students


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Salisbury College (Now Wiltshire College Salisbury)


Short courses & training

The Business School

The Media School

School of Applied Sciences

School of Applied Sciences – Blog

School of Design, Computing & Engineering

School of Health & Social Care

School of Tourism

School of Tourism – Blog

Services to Business

Short Courses & Professional Development

The Sir Michael Cobham Library

Sitemap of BU Website

Sitemap of Student portal

Smart Technology Research Centre (Research Centre)

Social Media – Bournemouth University’s official channels

Software Systems Research Centre (Research Centre)

Specific needs accommodation


Staff Counselling

Staff Development (on Staff Intranet)

Staff Discounts and Benefits

Staff Intranet

Staff Computing and IT Support

Staff Profiles (Academic)

Student Career Development

Student Computing

Student Counselling

Student Graduate Service

Student Help and Advice

Student ID Cards

Student Learning Resources

Student Log-in Services

Student Personal Support

Student Portal

Student News & Events

Student Regulations

Student Services on Campus

Student Things to do

Students Union

Study and Work Abroad

Study Support

Support BU

Sustainable Design Research Centre (Research Centre)


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TalbotWoods Nursery

Teachers and Careers Advisers

Technology & Design (Research Theme)

Term Dates

Timetable for Campus Buses

Timetable for Exams

Top-up Degrees

Tourism (School of)

Training for businesses

Travel information

Travel Plan

Twitter – Bournemouth University’s official Twitter account


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Undergraduate Applications (UCAS)

Undergraduate info for prospective students

Undergraduate Open Days

University Centre Yeovil

University Department of Mental Health (Research Centre)

University Executive

University Handbook


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Varsity Students

Varsity Team Sports

Virtual Tour

Visit BU (Open Days)

Visual Research Group (Research Centre)

Visual Arts


Web Author Resources (Staff Only)

Weymouth College

Wiltshire College Salisbury

Wireless network access

Working and Studying Abroad


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Yeovil (University Centre)

YouTube – Bournemouth University’s official YouTube channel



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