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The University is committed to promoting public understanding of its activities through the publication of routine information required by staff, students and the public. For some of the most common documents please see the Related Links set out below.

Main points of contact

Student Enquiries

General enquiries from prospective students should be made via our askBU enquiries service and requests from current students should be sent to askBU students.

Exam Scripts

Requests for copies of your exam scripts can be made direct to your Programme Administrator. You should make your request in writing, providing as much information about your exam as possible and enclosing the £10 subject access fee and proof of your identity.

If you wish to access your exam script for a tutorial and do not wish to retain a copy, this can normally be arranged for no fee providing that the script is not taken away from the University.

Personal Information

Requests for information about you (other than for exam transcripts) should be submitted to the Information Officer under the University’s Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) process.

Publication schemes

For details of the types of information which the University or its wholly owned subsidiaries routinely publish please visit our Publication scheme webpage.

Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR) information

Enquiries about the University’s publication scheme (or those of its wholly owned subsidiaries) and requests for information under section 1 of the FOIA or section 5 of EIR should be sent to the University's Information Officer.

The Jackson Reforms

The University's Claims Portal reference number is: UM044/99. Our wholly owned subsidiaries also share the same reference. The University's compensator is ‘U M Association Ltd.’. To avoid confusion and delays, users of the claims portal should enter the compensator's name in full and include the spaces after the U and M so that the online system is able to correctly identify the compensator.

Information Officer
Legal Services
Bournemouth University
M209, Melbury House
1-3 Oxford Road
Tel:+44 (0) 1202 961211

For a more comprehensive list of the University’s main points of contact, please visit our Contact Information webpage.

Schedule of Charges

Our prevailing Schedule of Charges is accessible via the following hyperlink:

Access to Information: Schedule of Charges (PDF 39kb).

Information for the Public

Much of the information that the University holds is already in the public domain. Many of the University’s official documents are available on our website and details of the types of information that we make routinely available are set out in our Publication scheme: Guide to Accessing Information.

To request information not falling within the University’s Publication Scheme (or those belonging to its wholly owned subsidiaries) visit our Freedom of Information webpage.

Information for Staff

Training on both the DPA and the FOIA is included in the University's Staff Development Programme.

Other useful workshops include those on minute-writing, document and file management. See the Staff Development pages on the Staff Intranet for further details. The Information Officer also provides periodic training to specific groups and on request.

Each School/Support Service has an Information Coordinator who can help staff with routine enquiries about FOIA and DPA. Alternatively staff can contact the Information Officer directly for further information.

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