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Local Bus Services

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As part of the Travel Plan, Bournemouth University has arranged for the establishment of dedicated bus routes to serve both Campuses.

Special University Services

As part of the local transport network, Wilts & Dorset Buses operates a student-oriented service. This service provides transport between our two campuses and extends to areas populated by students in Poole, Bournemouth and Boscombe.

View the bus service for BU website.


Services run every 10 minutes during term-time and timetables are available from all main reception desks.

Vacation Times:

The U1 Bus service is in operation during University vacation times, running between The Lansdowne Campus, Cranborne House and the Talbot Campus every 30 minutes.

View the full BU Bus Timetable.

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How to pay for bus travel

You can pay for bus travel online using the Key smartcard system.

The Key makes paying for bus travel in around Bournemouth University area a whole lot easier. Instead of buying a paper ticket each time you travel from the driver, you load tickets onto the 'key' in advance, online.

To register for a Bus for BU key card visit:

Once you have registered your details online, your Key card will be sent to either the Lansdowne Campus (Studland House reception) or the Talbot Campus (Poole House Reception).

The BU key card can be used on the U1, U2, U3 and U4 Bus for BU Services as well as the m1, m2 and 15 services from more bus.

What products will be available on the key?

  • Annual period pass priced at £240
  • Unlimited travel on all BU buses and routes m1/m2 and 15 by more
  • 10 single multi-trip £10
  • A cheaper way of buying single journeys– each time you put your key on the reader on the bus, one journey is deducted
  • A single cash fare from the driver is £1.30.

Other discounts

You can also use the Key on all other Wilts & Dorset bus services (except night buses) after 9am Mondays to Fridays, anytime weekends and pay just the child cash fare to the driver.

Why use the Key?

The benefits of using the key card rather than cash include cheaper fares, convenience, security, less waste and faster boarding times!

Other services

Details of other bus routes can be found on the Wilts & Dorset and Yellow Buses websites.

For more details, please see the BU bus timetable.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Travel Plan Group via email:

Other Services

Details of other bus routes can be found on the Wilts & Dorset and Yellow Buses websites.