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Accessibility statement

At BU we take the accessibility of our web pages seriously. We are actively working towards providing a website that is accessible to all our users, and value your feedback.

We developed the website templates in accordance with the W3C/WAI standards and the requirements of the Special Educational Needs & Disability Act and the Disability Discrimination Act. We aim to meet or exceed the provisions of the W3C/WAI Level 'AA' checklist where possible.

If you need further assistance finding information about studying here, or any aspect of activities at BU, please email our askBU enquiries team or contact us by telephone on +44 (0)1202 961916. Our Student & Academic Services publishes the Disability Support webpages which may be helpful.

If you have any questions about this accessibility statement, please email the Digital Communications Team at BU. We listen to feedback and will try to amend pages that may cause problems for people with disabilities.You can leave feedback about the site on our Feedback Form.

Resizing text

You can resize text using your browser settings. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer go to View > Text Size. If you are using Mozilla Firefox you can use Ctrl++ (Ctrl plus the + sign) to increase the text size, or Ctrl+- (Ctrl plus the - sign) to decrease it.

Access keys

Most Internet browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on the web site. Unfortunately, different browsers use access keys in different ways. In general you need to hold down a key or two, and then press the access key you want.

  • On PCs with Windows, you can usually press ALT + an access key, release these buttons then press Return
  • On Macs, you can press Control + an access key.

The 'Future Students' pages on this site define the following access keys:

Access key 1 - Home page
Access key 2 - Skip to content
Access key C - BU Contact details
Access key 3 - Sitemap
Access key 4 - Search (jumps to box)
Access key 5 - A-Z
Access key 6 and 0 - this help page
Access key 9 - web feedback form

Other areas of the website are not yet enabled for access keys.

Plain English

We try to give information in plain English and try not to use abbreviations. However if you see an acronym that you are not familiar with, please let us know using the Web Feedback Form so we can fix this!

Content only version

Each page has a link below the left hand menu to a content only version of the page.


Documents linked from our webpages are often in PDF format (Portable Document Format). When you click on a link to one of these, the document should open in a new window. In order to view a PDF document you should download Adobe Acrobat ReaderExternal Link.

The Adobe website also provides a method of converting PDFs into normal web pages which are usually more accessible for assistive technologies such as screen readers. Copy the web address of any PDF that has opened into a form on the page of the Adobe website that has the online Converter tools:

> Go to the PDF to HTML Converter on the Adobe websiteExternal Link

When you press "Submit" the document will appear as a webpage (note that for large files this sometimes takes a while. The Adobe website also contains other accessibility information – go to the Adobe websiteExternal Link.

If you are using JAWS screenreader there is information on the RNIB website about accessing PDFsExternal Link.

File formats

We also provide some information or examples of student work in different file formats. Where possible we provide links to download the appropriate programme and specify the file types and sizes.

Other resources

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