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Part-time work

That student loan will only go so far, so many students work part–time to fund their studies and help them with their living costs.

Where and when

First, you'll need to know when you can work. It's important that you prioritise your studies – that's why you've decided to go to university after all – so we'd recommend only working up to 20 hours a week maximum.

There are all kinds of part–time work available, both at the university and in the seaside town of Bournemouth, including:

While you won't necessarily be able to 'pick and choose' your hours, employers in these areas tend to be quite flexible and recognise you have other responsibilities.

Weekend jobs are in high demand, so it pays to be prepared – start applying for jobs during the summer, then chase them up once you get here. Our Careers & Employability Service also advises on part-time job options.


How much you earn will depend on where and how much you work. The average wage for a part–time working student is £90 and £120 a week.

Paying tax depends on how much you earn and not on the number of hours you work. Everyone can receive a certain amount of income in each tax year on which no tax has to be paid. This is called the Personal Allowance (£10,000 in 2014/15).

If you earn less than this, then you do not have to pay tax. If your earnings are more than this, you will pay tax on the difference. For more information see HM Revenue & Customs – Students.

Get some experience

Working part–time will not only earn you some extra money, but it will add value to your CV – no matter what you end up doing as a job after you graduate.

It will provide you with valuable experience that will look good on any future job applications and you will gain key skills that can be applied to any occupation, including:

Of course, you could go that extra mile and get a part-time job in an area you're interested in making a career in. These are harder to come by, but if you don't ask you don't get, and potential employers will be impressed if you approach them before they approach you. Make some enquiries in the local area once you arrive – you never know where it might lead.

International students

International students, with the appropriate visa, may work a maximum of 20 hours a week during term time and full–time during vacations. Help and advice is available via the askBU Students' Service when you arrive.

If you require a visa to enter the UK, you must show evidence of sufficient funding to cover your tuition fees and living costs. Even though you will normally be allowed to work part–time in the UK, you will not be granted an entry visa if it appears that you will be relying on this income to help fund your studies.