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Top tips for your application

Gaining the required academic qualifications is only part of a successful application – you need to have a strong personal statement too! The majority of courses have more applications than places, so your personal statement is vital. Here are some top tips to help you write your personal statement.

Make your personal statement work!

Proof-read your application before you submit it

Make sure you have checked your spelling and grammar and that you are happy with the final version. Ask your parents, teachers or careers adviser to check your form for you. Ask their advice on whether or not it tells us everything we need to know about you.


If your school or college is providing your reference, they will approve the form and send it to UCAS on your behalf, along with a personal reference and an indication of your predicted qualification grades. They are likely to give you a deadline for the checking of the form which will be much earlier than the final UCAS deadline, so check with them to make sure you complete everything in plenty of time. If you are applying independently, you need to provide the contact details of your referee on the form and UCAS will contact them directly.

Complete your form early

Try to organise yourself early. Around half of all applications come into UCAS in the last two weeks before the first deadline, which causes a delay in our reply to you. If you apply early, you will receive a much quicker response.