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The Centre for Media History

The Centre for Media History seeks to:

  • Stimulate an interest in media history
  • Develop partnerships with national and international partners to promote the study of media history
  • Work for the preservation of media and specifically broadcasting archives
  • Develop new ways of incorporating media history into teaching and learning
  • Bid for research grants to further our aims
  • Provide a stimulating and supportive environment for postgraduate researchers.

The Director of the Centre for Media History is Dr Hugh Chignell and the Assistant Director is Dr Kristin Skoog

Latest news:

The Centre for Media History is currently working with our partners in the Department of Media and Communication at Lund University and the Hans–Bredow Institute at the University of Hamburg to apply for funding from the STINT fund in Sweden. This project would support the creation of a research network ‘Entangled Media Histories’ [EMHIS] which would explore transnational themes in the study of media history in northern Europe. The bid will be submitted in November 2012.

Women’s Radio in Europe – Sounding Out the Boundaries.
Proposal for Tensions of Europe initiative

Kristin Skoog is working with Alexander Badenoch, Utrecht University on this proposal which will explore the female listenership in a transnational context.

Broadcasting and the the NHS in the Thatcherite 1980s: Challenging public service

Pat Holland has recently submitted the manuscript of this book based on the AHRC funded project ‘No such Thing as Society’

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