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What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is used by students at Bournemouth University to submit assignments and receive feedback. It also incorporates a text-matching system primarily used as a formative, developmental tool to support academic writing and referencing skills. It can also be used to support academic judgement in possible cases of plagiarism.

The text-matching system works by generating an originality report which highlights and matches text from an assignment against a database of electronic content. This includes library databases, textbook publishers, digital reference collections, indexed web pages and student assignments submitted via Turnitin at BU and all other institutions using the software. 

An originality report is generated for all online submissions using Turnitin. These are available to academics only, as students can view originality reports by using the Turnitin Try-It-Out boxes on each School tab well before the submission deadline.

Contact your Subject Support Teams about interpreting originality reports. 

Why use Turnitin?

I found using audio-feedback much quicker than typing up notes and the students love it as it feels more personal. The only catch is that you need to find a room without too much background noise, be it from dogs, kids or colleagues!

Einar Thornsen, Principal Academic, Journalism & Communication

Turnitin has been implemented to improve the assessment process making it more efficient for staff and enhancing this key aspect of the learning experience for students. 

  • Turnitin can be used via myBU so students can easily submit assignments online
  • It enables academics to maximise the time spent on the most valuable interactions, and less time on the administrative aspects of assessment
  • It can be used to support formative and summative assessment and offers a variety of ways to improve the accessibility, timeliness and pertinence of feedback.

It has associated components:

  • Turnitin GradeMark - enables you to grade and mark a written assignment online
  • Turnitin PeerMark - peer review assignment tool
  • Turnitin iPad app - allows you to access Turnitin functionality without Wi-Fi acces.

How to use it

To find out how to use Turnitin go to the Turnitin website or view the PDFs.

Originality reports

In order to produce an Originality Report, the file must be one of the agreed formats excluding the image formats. The file must also contain at least 20 words.

The Originality Report system uses a number of techniques to detect attempts to circumvent its text checking process. These include looking for words with unusually large numbers of letters and repeating sequences of the same letters. This feature can sometimes be triggered by legitimate text content such as extracts of genome sequences, raw mathematical data, or some types of computer code. In extreme cases this may cause the file to be rejected.

If you are concerned that an assignment may require students to submit this kind of content, or you need help interpreting originality reports, you should discuss it with your Learning Technologist.

Find out about the further functionality within Turnitin

Turnitin iPad app

The Turnitin iPad app allows assignments and originality reports to be viewed along with the ability to add feedback and grades.

Turnitin GradeMark

GradeMark can be used to provide feedback to students on their work, in rubric, form-based, text and/or audio form.

Turnitin PeerMark

Create and manage PeerMark assignments that allow students to read, review and evaluate one or many papers submitted by peers.