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How BU’s money is spent

We use our income to fund a wide range of activities to support our students’ experience. This includes the development and maintenance of our buildings and facilities, running each of our four faculties, providing student accommodation, bursaries, student wellbeing and support, and library, IT and academic services.

Not surprisingly, we invest a lot in people, from academic staff based in our faculties, such as lecturers and tutors, to those responsible for monitoring academic quality and staff in our professional services, who oversee the management and development of the university, as well as staff supporting student wellbeing.

2019/20 spending – select each segment for more information:

Running academic faculties — Paying for staff and facilities within our faculties £62.6m
Providing library, IT and academic services — The resources that help you learn £23.7m
Administration and central running costs — Organisational running costs £12.2m
Providing student bursaries and scholarships — Helping people with their learning £8.1m
General education expenditure — Marketing, fundraising and alumni £7.1m
Providing staff and student facilities — Student Services (additional learning support, careers, frontline services), SportBU, Student Union grant, student hardship payments, day nursery £10.9m
Maintaining buildings and facilities — Keeping property up to date £15.8m
Providing residences and catering — Housing and catering £9.8m
Undertaking research activities — Research support costs £5.0m
Pension adjustment and subsidiaries — Accounting adjustment related to the pension liability £13.2m