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Employability Awards, 2017 – students’ placement stories

We asked students at 2017’s Employability Awards to tell us a bit about their experiences on placements. Browse through the quotes to see what they had to say.

If you’re interested in benefiting from a similar placement experience during your studies, take a look through our courses. You can also read more about other students’ time on placement in our #MyPlacementStory pages.

“The CEO of Fair Train attended the accreditation audit and highly commended the work that I had put into the process, showcasing Bentley Motors as a leading provider of Work Experience. He stated that ‘If I could commend you higher than a Gold Standard, I would!’”
Victoria, 2017

“Over the course of three months I created a new website for Jersey International Business School. Throughout the project I had to present my ideas and progress to my manager and the CEO and they were both very happy with the end result. I then had to redesign all the marketing materials with the new brand guidelines and this included brochures, posters, exhibition banners, pull-up banners and social media platforms. The new website has proved to be a great success with traffic increasing every week.”
Katy, 2017

“The success of the video I created for IBM was the talk of the office and was great because at our annual department meet-up I was recognised for going beyond expectations and thinking ‘outside the box’, and our Complex Sales Directors said that this was what they needed ‘more of’ to stay ahead of the competition. The impact to the way my department operates has been massive, so much so, that the Complex Sales Director said he wanted me to train five graduates in how to use the video software and to pass on all the skills I had learnt along the way! None of this was part of my job role but I have taken it on and gone beyond the expectations of my boss, the head of my department and it had been a massive success.”
Tim, 2017

“One month into training with Placement International my supervisor resigned from her job, leaving two interns in the whole department. The day my supervisor left, a new intern came in and I was asked to provide her with full training. Also, I became a direct contact with all of our US partners, I was now communicating with the managers, directors and owners. Meanwhile, I helped to re-organise the department and the work structure which definitely improved the workload. My efforts were recognised and three months later, I was promoted to a Manager position.”
Greta, 2017

“My outstanding contribution was at the Mattel 2017 EUROMEA Creative Rollout. My main achievement for the Rollout was organising a two-day 2017 Creative Summit in Barcelona for 20 Creative delegates – managing everything from executive sign-off, location selection, venue hire, flights and accommodation through to transporting the samples and merchandising set up.”
Rebecca, 2017

“Throughout my year at Apple my confidence had grown, everyone commented on my famous ‘guided tours’ and how much they would be missed when I left. At the end of my year I gave the new interns my final guided tour and by the time I had returned to my desk I had an email from the head of another department who had overheard my guided tours all year. She had invited me to meet with her to discuss the potential opportunity of joining her team for the summer. As a result of my guided tours, I am now spending my summer working as a freelance producer for Apple and I am going to be flying out to the US with the company this summer.”
Sian, 2017

“I actively created and improved the working processes of the registration system for the Financial Times conferences. Following the success of the initial launch of the new process, this is now planned to be rolled out for all FTLive events, over 200 annually all around the world. I am very proud of this achievement and I am excited to share it with BU.”
Hannah, 2017

“I presented this initiative at the Bing 2017 Summit in Munich in front of 200 Microsoft employees including our Bing Ads Leadership team. As a result of the success of this pitch we were given the support to pilot it in three countries across EMEA; UK, France and The Netherlands. The first pilot set was regarded as a huge success receiving 12,000 clicks on social media.”
Elizabeth, 2017

“Within my first weeks at the Gillingham Football Club Community Trust a project was placed on my desk called ‘Street Soccer’, a programme to aid young people who are or have been unemployed or homeless, addressing a real local need as 1 in 7 young people aged 16-24 are currently unemployed or homeless within Kent. Many of the participants had low self-esteem and confidence, and along with this, many of them also had mental health issues. Every session I did I had to take into consideration these issues and plan to make the participants feel as comfortable as possible with a competitive edge, which required extensive planning for individual targets. I had to make the sessions challenging enough for the highly able players, but accessible for the players with little footballing background. My approach for this was to set individual targets and challenges for players each week. The programme was a great success and I was awarded ‘Coach of the Year’ Award for 2016/17 for my commitment and service to the course.”
Daniel, 2017