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Employer Appreciation Awards

Recognising your Placement Employer’s amazing support for you

Has someone at your placement organisation made a significant positive impact on your experience? Would you like to recognise this and show your gratitude? You can do this by nominating them for an ‘Employer Appreciation’ Award. If your nomination is successful your nominee will receive a certificate from the Faculty celebrating their input into your placement experience and confirming that they are amazing.


A nomination can be made based upon one or more of the following criteria: “I really appreciate your support; you made my placement experience amazing by:

  • Opening the door to your professional network and introducing me to people and/or organisations that were useful to me;
  • Providing an unprecedented opportunity to work beyond my job role or location;
  • Supporting me through exceptional and/or personal challenges whilst I was working with you;
  • Building my confidence and enabling me to discover my potential;
  • Recognising my contribution to the organisation.”

As part of the application form, you will be required to provide 150 words stating how your nominee has had a positive impact on your placement experience.

Submit a nomination