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Department of Marketing, Strategy & Innovation research

Marketing, Strategy and Innovation academics provide leadership and expertise that impact activities with local, regional, national and international partners.

Research themes

Food Security Research

This research theme brings together a comprehensive multidisciplinary network of nutritionists, public health experts, economists, consumer science, environmental management and experts in the field. It provides for a food security approach that takes into account food system logistics, individual consumer characteristics (such as culture and dietary requirements) as well as product (food waste) together with sustainability (social, environment and economics).

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing explores how technology will support organisations to engage dynamically with their stakeholders. Research explores digital marketing and branding, storyfication and cocreation and explores how technology revolutionises the strategy and competitiveness of organisations through transformational and disruptive technologies. Smart environments transform industry structures, processes and practices, disrupting innovation, strategy, management, marketing and competitiveness. We are particularly interested in real-time, ambient and context-based service ecosystems.

Consumer Insight 

This theme draws together a broad, agile, and impact-driven team of researchers addressing how consumers think, feel, and behave. We adopt a broad interpretation of the consumer, from B2C to B2B, and from the consumption of products or services to understanding the way consumers think, their attitudes and behaviour. Consumer Insight bridges the gap between research and practitioners by providing relevant and actionable insight that resonates with business and delivers societal impact.