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Pushing boundaries

Research projects

Research and knowledge exchange are vital and important aspects of our activities. We are proud of our research, and we endeavour to fulfil a range of different research priorities according to need. For example, this may be research that has a practical relevance for the industry, or the development of new theory and concepts as they relate to our understanding of tourism and hospitality.

We are have a large cluster of staff in tourism making us one of the world’s leading centres in the field of tourism and hospitality research. Throughout our long history, our staff have carried out work for international agencies (e.g. the EU, UNEP, UNWTO, USAID, WWF) and national governments around the world. Nationally, the Department of Tourism & Hospitality has carried out work for Research Councils in the UK and for UK industry bodies and private companies. 

We are committed to undertaking research that improves our understanding of, and best practice in, the many fascinating areas associated with the diverse activities of tourism and hospitality. 

To learn more about our activities, take a look at the work carried out by the International Centre for Tourism & Hospitality Research.

Below is further information about some of our most recent research projects. Our staff have also worked on projects such as the Weymouth and Portland Olympic Visitor Survey, Review Study: Rural Tourism and Local Food and Drink, Career Strategies of Hotel Senior Managers in Hong Kong, Dementia Friendly Guide for Tourism Businesses, and Assessment of the Impact of Tourism on the Irish Economy, among many others.  

Highlights from our research projects


This innovative technical menu solution is designed to enable informed consumer choice when eating out. It's part of a four-year EU-funded research partnership...

Destination FeelGood

Examining the promotion of wellbeing as a destination resource and connecting different stakeholders to facilitate innovation in healthy lifestyle products were central to this project.