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Department of Nursing Science staff

Departmental Leadership

  • Professor Steven Ersser – Head of Department & Professor of Nursing & Dermatology Care/NLTH Research Centre Co-Lead
  • Dr Ian Donaldson – Acting Deputy Head & Principal Academic & Faculty Interprofessional Lead
  • Dr Sue Green –  Acting Deputy Head and Principal Academic in Adult Nursing
  • Dr Vanessa Heaslip – Acting Deputy Head, Associate Professor of Nursing and Deputy Lead of the Nursing for Long Term Health Research Centre 
  • Professor Debbie Holley – Professor Of Learning Innovation
  • Dr Janet Scammell – Associate Professor of Nursing/Nursing for Long-Term Health Research Centre Co-Lead
  • Dr Michele Board – Principal Academic in Nursing and Older People / Deputy Lead for Ageing and Dementia Research Centre
  • Dr Tula Brannelly – Principal Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing / MSc/PGDip Mental Health Nursing programme Lead
  • Dr Leslie Gelling –  Principal Academic in Adult Nursing& PGR Lead 
  • Dr Desiree Tait – Principal Academic in Nursing
  • Dr Steven Trenoweth – Principal Academic in Mental Health Nursing & BSc Mental Health Nursing Lead
  • Dr Andy Mercer – Professional Lead for Mental Health & Learning Disability and Partnerships Lead
  • Dr Dawn Morley – Principal Academic in Adult Nursing & Nursing Apprenticeship lead

Engagement Leads

  • Clive Andrewes – Director of Employer Engagement (Health) - undergraduate
  • Clive Matthews – Director of Employer Engagement (Health) - CPD Lead

Academic staff

Adult Nursing Staff

University Practice Learning Advisor Team (Head of Practice Education, Amanda Watson)

Mental Health Nursing Staff

  • Dr Sarah Eales – Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing (0.2 WTE)
  • Josie Tuck – Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing (0.6 WTE)
  • Dr Zoe Cowie –  Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
  • Sonya Chelvanayagam – Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
  • Dr Andy Mercer – Professional Lead Mental Health Nursing (0.5WTE)
  • Alan Campion –  Lecturer Practitioner in Mental Health Nursing (0.4 WTE)
  • Andrew Clarke – Lecturer Practitioner  in Mental Health Nursing (0.4 WTE)

Children and Young People's Nursing Staff

  • Dr Heidi Singleton – Lecturer in Children & Young People's Nursing
  • Dr Duncan Randall – Senior Lecturer in Children & Young People's Nursing
  • Jo Sharples – Lecturer Practitioner in Children & Young People's Nursing

Clinical Skills Team

  • Rosalyn Joy –  Lecturer in Practice Skills (team lead)
  • Eleanor Bailey – Demonstrator
  • Fiona Budden – Demonstrator in Clinical Skills
  • Carolyn Doughty – Demonstrator in Clinical Skills
  • Suzanne Allen  – Demonstrator in Clinical Skills
  • Susan Hanson – Demonstrator in Practice Skills
  • Katharine Hillier – Demonstrator in Clinical Skills
  • Tracey Revuelta–Ruffolo – Demonstrator in Clinical Skills