Pawel Lenart

I have always been organised, enjoy being in an office and was offered an administrative post at the University in 2008. It was through an employment agency and I had only finished covering a temporary role at Bournemouth and Poole College. I had similar expectations as in my previous position however within the next six months I was offered a contract and soon after employed by the University.

It was an exciting opportunity allowing access to training. I was able to develop my skills and gain experience in an office environment. I had been successful in taking up a similar role within the department dealing with a range of different courses and gaining further experience.

In the next couple of years the school was undergoing structural changes. I was given an opportunity to concentrate all efforts on the placements and a new team was formed. My wife started a different job at the time and our child had to spend long hours away from home in the nursery which was both expensive and difficult for all of us. Fortunately, my line manager agreed to slight changes in my working hours thus allowing much needed flexibility. I was also able to lend a bike through the cycle scheme at the university for a small fee and cycle to work when required thus lowering travelling costs.

During the next couple of years we were blessed with another child. The university supported me again with request to adjust working hours, some of which include working from home. The changes in my working pattern have already been agreed on and supported by my line manager. I am only awaiting confirmation from Human Resources. I wouldn’t have been able to continue at my current role without this.

I have been working at the university for seven years and really enjoyed working in this environment. The university is providing an excellent service to students and the staff is valued. I always felt that I had the right support for my development as well as appropriate training. I value the university for making continuous improvements to student and staff experience. I am glad I have been working at the university and would like to continue to support the students, staff, practice partners and the NHS Trusts delivering best quality support.