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Hear from our PhD graduates

Our PhD graduates have gone on to successful academic careers at institutions all over the world. Below are snapshots of their experiences of PhD study within the department.

Dr Ivana Rihova“Throughout my journey I was supported and encouraged to become an independent researcher and the skills I learned have proved invaluable in launching what is hopefully going to be a long and successful academic career.” Dr Ivana Rihova, Lecturer in Festival and Event Management, Edinburgh Napier University - PhD graduate 2014

Dr Augusta Frempong“My PhD was on developing authentic food service to support the development of tourist attractions in Ghana. I had a perfect blend of supervisors who incorporated my wellbeing into the academic work to ensure a sound environment for the successful completion of my thesis.”Dr Augusta Frempong, Lecturer in the Department of Vocational and Technical Education, University of Cape Coast (Ghana) - PhD graduate 2010

Dr Michelle McLeod“My experience of doing a PhD at Bournemouth University was a very enjoyable and memorable one. I received a fully funded PhD scholarship from the university in 2006, and this included funding to conduct my research study. My supervisors went beyond the call of duty and were very engaging throughout the research process. I would definitely recommend Bournemouth University as the ideal place to undertake a PhD.”Dr Michelle McLeod, Lecturer in Tourism Management, The University of the West Indies (Jamaica) - PhD graduate 2010

“Undertaking a PhD in tourism at BU was extremely positive for my academic career and myself. I had the opportunity to conduct high-quality research, using quantitative methodology, and to learn from extremely brilliant and well-respected professors how to achieve rigor and relevance in my work. My supervisors really invested in me and I benefited from a great cohort of supportive, bright and multicultural PhD students. Almost a decade has passed and I continue to benefit from the skills and networking I developed back then. I am grateful beyond words for the education I received from BU.”Dr Carla Pinto Cardoso, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Tourism Programme, Portuguese Catholic University - PhD graduate 2007

Dr Simon Wong“My experiences as a part-time PhD student were fruitful and inspiring, both when I met my supervisors physically in the UK as well as through continuous online communications. The learning experience was very helpful in shaping me to be a researcher as well as an educator in the academic field. In 2006/7 I won the President’s Award for Teaching Excellence at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. If you aim to pursue PhD study, BU will equip you both intellectually and professionally.”Dr Simon Wong, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Management and Hospitality, Technological & Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong - PhD graduate 2004

Assistant Professor Kanokkam Kaewnuch“Although I had a love-hate relationship with my thesis, my overall PhD experience was memorable and I’d never trade it for anything. It taught me to be determined, focused and to never give up! Completing my PhD helped me realise that I could even climb Mt Everest if I put my heart and soul into it, which has become my philosophy in life and that’s how I continue in my career.”Assistant Professor Kanokkam Kaewnuch, Assistant to the President for International Affairs at the National Institute of Development Administration (NIIDA) and Lecturer at the NIIDA’s Graduate School of Tourism - PhD graduate 2011