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What our STEEP students say

Hear from students who took advantage of our STEEP workshops.

“Thank you so much. It was really fun and has made me think about my future in more detail and from another perspective.” Joseph, February 2016

“These were some of the best 4 hours at uni so far!” Nicola, February 2016

“Extremely useful and would attend others in the future.” Megan, February 2016

“Really good and worthwhile, eye-opening.” Edward, February 2016

First Aid workshop

“Would recommend everyone to do this, great for first aid skills.” Hayley, February 2016

“Very useful day, highly recommend.” Simon, October 2015

Leadership workshop

“I feel I have learnt different leadership skills to develop my future career. I have learnt to be confident, enthusiastic and to always stand up first to impress future employers.” Georgina, October 2015

“One of the best (if not the best) workshops/classes I've been to at BU. Encourage for everyone!” Alice, October 2016

“Really personable/engaging – good mixture of interaction and listening.” Lee, October 2016

Mock Assessment Centre workshop

“Very informative. Well presented and explained.” Danielle, March 2016

“The presentation was very engaging.” Matthew, March 2016

“First-hand advice, from someone who has progressed through different positions, about the application process.” Ethan, March 2016

Photoshop workshop

“So useful! Lots of the grad jobs I'm applying for want Photoshop skills.” Emily, April 2016

“Learnt more than I know in two years from using Photoshop at GCSE-level.” Megan, April 2016

“Vital tool in today's business environment.” Alex, April 2016


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