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Department of Archaeology, Anthropology & Forensic Science

Department of Archaeology, Anthropology & Forensic Science staff

Head of Department

  • Professor Timothy Darvill - Neolithic and Chalcolithic Northwest Europe, monumentality, ceramic petrology, Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Sites, archaeological resource management, archaeological theory.

Academic staff

  • Dr Sulaf Assi - Pharmaceutical and Toxicological analysis, development of applications of vibrational spectroscopy (Raman, Infrared and near Infrared) and chemometrics. Pharmaceutical counterfeits.
  • Paul Cheetham - Archaeological geophysical survey specialising in: individual and mass graves, historic garden archaeology, burial mound structures, multi-technique surveys involving electromagnetics, novel earth resistivity arrays, recovery and recording methods, bioturbation and buried evidence, remote sensing of mass graves, Romanisation, Medieval monastic tiles.
  • Dr Fiona Coward - Human social evolution; evolution of the brain and cognition; the development of early village societies and transition from foraging to farming; social network analysis of archaeological materials; human engagement with material culture; human-animal relations.
  • Dr Laura Evis- Lecturer in Forensic Archaeology
  • John Gale - Archaeological Practice (excavation and survey), Landscape Archaeology, Later Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Britain, The archaeology of Dorset, Chipped stone technology, Finds illustration.
  • Tilak Ginige - Environmental law, Environmental Liability and Sustainable Development Law.
  • Dr Ellen Hambleton - Zooarchaeology, Iron Age animal and human interactions, later prehistoric and early Romano-British animal husbandry, Taphonomy, Osteology, Environmental Archaeology.
  • Iain Hewitt - Early medieval archaeology ca 600-1100, Late Roman / sub-Roman structures with particular reference to villa buildings, Desk-based assessments in respect of planning applications.
  • Dr Emma Jenkins - Environmental Archaeology, Neolithic of southwest Asia, Phytolith analysis, Microfaunal analysis, Geochemistry, Ethnoarchaeology, Experimental Archaeology.
  • Paul Kneller - Analytical Chemistry, Wildlife Forensics.
  • Professor Mark Maltby - Zooarchaeology, Medieval Novgorod (NW Russia), Teutonic Knights in Poland and Latvia, Iron Age and Roman Britain, The history of butchery practices, The history of the exploitation of chickens.
  • Poppy McLaughlin - Analytical techniques (immunoassay to confirmatory methods), pharmacogenomics, newpsychoactive substances.
  • Dave Parham - Archaeology of seafaring and post medieval ship construction, Archaeology of modern (pre 1945) seafaring, Underwater Cultural Heritage Management, Scientific Diving Techniques.
  • Dr Richard Paul - Clinical and forensic toxicology, hair analysis for drugs of abuse and alcohol, stress monitoring using cortisol hair analysis, alcohol bio-markers and addiction, drug facilitated assault​.
  • Dr Derek Pitman- Lecturer in Archaeology
  • Dr Sally Reynolds - Hominin ecology and habitats, African faunal evolution of the Pliocene and Pleistocene, Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, Evolution of hominin landscape use.
  • Dr Miles Russell - Archaeological fieldwork and survey, Late prehistoric Britain, Roman Britain, Neolithic monumental architecture, Neolithic flint mining, Archaeology of Southern Britain, Roman imperial portraiture, Romano British history, Prehistoric and Romano British settlement patterns Romano British villas Prehistoric and Romano British religion and religious practices Exposing archaeological fakes and forgery.
  • Professor Holger Schutkowski - Palaeodiet, Differential childhood mortality, Biological/forensic identification, Residential mobility, Bone biomechanics, Skeletal analysis, Stable isotope and trace element analysis, Calcified tissue histology.
  • Dr Martin Smith - Human remains from prehistory to the present, Prehistoric burials, Violence and warfare in the past, Injuries to the skeleton, Postmortem changes to the body, Ethics in Human Ostearchaeology.
  • Professor Kate Welham - Archaeological science, Remote sensing, specialising in geophysical survey, Ancient technology, specialising in vitreous materials.
  • Dr Andrew Whittington - Forensic biology, forensic entomology, entomotoxicology, taxonomy, dipterology, polliniation studies.
  • Dr Eileen Wilkes - Paleolithic art, Prehistory of Britain particularly landscape and intertidal archaeology.

Emeritus Professors

  • Professor Mark Brisbane - Emeritus Professor of Medieval Archaeology

  • David Osselton - Emeritus Professor of Forensic Science


  • Gabrielle Delbarre - Demonstrator (Human Remains)
  • Damian Evans - Archaeological and ecological fieldwork, Artefact conservation, Entomology of coleoptera
  • Harry Manley - Demonstrator (Geoinformatics)
  • Alex Otto - Crime Scene investigation and examination
  • Nicola Jones - Analytical toxicology.


Bournemouth Archaeology

Technical Support

  • Dean Burnard - Resources Officer DAAFS/ LES
  • Stephen Fordham - Technical Officer