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Forward thinking


We believe that innovation is the cornerstone of an excellent learning opportunity, and of creating an outstanding working environment. We support a number of innovative schemes at the university and are constantly looking for other ways in which we can improve the student learning experience.

Our innovations

Prepare for university


GROW at BU is designed to help new students, especially those from non-traditional backgrounds, settle into university life and reach their full potential.

Peer assisted learning

Peer-Assisted Learning

Our PAL scheme was the first of its kind in the UK, encouraging cross-year support between students on the same course.

Couple jumping in the air

You're Brilliant!

The You’re Brilliant! Awards are a way to tell someone, student or staff, that you think they’re brilliant and deserve recognition.

Fusion building exterior blurred

Try something different

The Fusion Building offers the ideal opportunity to reimagine learning scenarios. These pages highlight different scenarios and how they can be applied.