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Try something different

With its vast agile space, glass-fronted seminar rooms and buzzing collaborative spaces, BU’s new Fusion Building has a unique vibe. It provides an exciting new place for students and staff to come together and achieve great things as a collaborative and cross-faculty community.

With quality of light that enhance learning and the latest room layouts and learning spaces, it offers the ideal opportunity to reimagine learning scenarios – both in the Fusion Building and elsewhere on our campuses. 

These pages highlight different learning scenarios and how they can be applied. 

Try something different – and see where it takes you.

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Synergy spaces in the Fusion Building

Synergy spaces

These rooms encourage our students to share ideas and work together in groups – with a PC and screen provided for each group.

Fusion building atrium stairs

Breakout corridors

Our breakout corridors utilise the Fusion Building's high proportion of open space, empowering our students to learn innovatively and collaboratively.