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Agile space and tablet chair spaces

Agile space (FG06) and tablet chair spaces (FG01/FG07) allow agility and movement for differing activities, including one large group or small groups (with or without tables) laid out in circles, squares or any desired configuration. Students can move around the room to maintain or change lines of sight, without causing the noise and disruption that can occur when moving traditional educational furniture.

Features of the tablet chair spaces

  • Furniture that can be moved and rearranged easily
  • Chairs are set on casters 
  • More flexible surface work space 
  • Beneath-seat storage options for student book bags and other personal items.

Using the tablet chair spaces

Sessions can start with a whole group briefing before allowing students to break out into groups of three then snowballing into groups of six, then 12, until the whole group reunites for a feedback or consolidation session. This allows our students to learn in diverse ways throughout the session. 

Applying the principles elsewhere

This empowers our lecturers to be bold and brave by moving furniture and creating innovative sessions. It enables them to think about the relationship between learning zones and intended activities – engaging our students by reconfiguring and moving tables and chairs and redetermining protocols for behaviour in the zones created.

Share how these learning spaces are being used: email [email protected].