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Breakout corridors

Compared to other BU buildings, the Fusion Building has a higher proportion of open space. It is a deliberate effort to recognise our students as mobile, digitally linked and equipped with devices they can use anywhere. It opens up opportunities for new levels and locations of learning.

Features of our breakout corridors

  • Informal seating
  • Tables
  • Tablet points
  • The acoustics in the Fusion Building are excellent and so is ideal for using these spaces for group work, discussions and learning interactions.

Using the breakout corridors

Use the breakout corridors for spontaneous group working, as shown in our 360 degree footage below. These informal learning spaces are also ideal for ‘pop-up’ teaching, such as spontaneous debate, informal supervision or peer-to-peer learning activities. Lecturers can use mini-projectors to show screen-images on the walls to enrich tutorial conversations in these informal spaces. This casual use of inviting places in parallel with formal teaching space puts a twist on the face-to-face engagement students value. 

Applying the principles elsewhere

Our students can benefit from similar innovation in spaces across our campuses, with laptops and tablets even being used in place of projectors.

Share how these learning spaces are being used: email [email protected]