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Create Lecture Theatre: turn and learn

Traditional lecture theatres can assume a largely passive audience, taking in what the lecturer is saying. The Create Lecture Theatre breaks up traditional lines of sight and encourages knowledge to travel more freely with new vectors of interaction. 

Features of the Create Lecture Theatre

  • A tiered space in which whole groups can listen and learn
  • Opportunity for students to turn and face peers for smaller group activities
  • Encourages the travel of knowledge from learner to learner and learner to lecturer, not simply from lecturer to learner.

Using the Create Lecture Theatre

Students benefit from a blend of whole group and small group learning scenarios within a session with no need to move furniture or relocate to other areas. Groups can be split up and brought back together easily.

Applying the principles elsewhere

Similar approaches can be applied in larger room across our campuses. BG11 and many rooms in Christchurch House and Poole House provide ideal spaces for this. Students can be engaged by reconfiguring and moving tables and chairs to create innovative learning spaces.

Share how these learning spaces are being used: email [email protected]