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You're Brilliant!

The You’re Brilliant! Awards have been run by Bournemouth University’s Students Union (SUBU) since 2010, and are a way for students to tell their peers or members to staff that they think they’re brilliant.

Students can nominate any member of staff (academic, administrative, support) or a colleague (e.g. student representative, PAL leader) and SUBU facilitates a presentation to the individual. This is normally unexpected, for example in the middle of a lecture or serving coffee, and is highly valued by the recipients. It feels good to be noticed.

This ties in with research being conducted elsewhere in the university in relation to appreciative inquiry (AI).

AI is a change management approach that operates by identifying what works well and repeating those behaviours. By focusing people’s attention on the positive elements of their work, the organisation can develop and improve because people will do what they focus on.

How brilliant we are