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Bespoke curriculum development

Working collaboratively with other members of the Centre for Fusion Learning, Innovation and Excellence (FLIE), a bespoke curriculum development day was facilitated for BSc Physiotherapy focusing on the team’s defined needs for co-creation of learning and a review of their assessment procedures.

We started by undertaking a needs-based assessment of curricular needs with the physiotherapy team. We then took this information to the wider FLIE team to come up with suggestions for the workshop, which were fed back to the physiotherapy team. We also made sure that the physiotherapy team leader received separate advice about technology-enhanced learning.

Our team planned a workshop that covered:

  • A review of curriculum drivers
  • Engagement and co-creation
  • Assessment
  • Next steps.

Those who attended the workshop said it "introduced new approaches" and "facilitated great discussion". 

We also arranged a session to evaluate the impact of the FLIE intervention in the physiotherapy team's curriculum development process.

If you want to access FLIE expertise to think about how your programmes can be refreshed, please contact Anne on: [email protected].