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Valuing education excellence

Learning and Teaching Fellowships

The BU Learning and Teaching Fellowship (BULTF) award is intended to demonstrate the university’s commitment to valuing education excellence based on a fusion with research and professional practice, and to encourage the widest dissemination of these activities.

It sits alongside other opportunities provided for staff which recognise and reward achievements in support of enhancing the student experience. These include both the VC and SUBU awards, which are awarded by nomination, and reflect a range of categories relating to and aligned with BU vision and values. The BU Fellowships sit alongside other fellowships e.g. the HEA (associate, fellow, senior and principal fellow) and the National Teaching Fellowships (also awarded by the HEA annually). Colleagues are able to apply for any or all of these fellowships - the BULTFs are designed to recognise success locally and to provide motivation for colleagues to apply for external recognition.


The aims of the BU Learning and Teaching Fellowship Award are to:

  • Recognise and celebrate excellent achievement and/or innovation in the support of student learning through fusion
  • Improve the quality of the student learning experience through the dissemination of good practice
  • Promote a culture of scholarship and reflective practice
  • Increase the number of publishable outcomes from pedagogic activity and research
  • Increase the number of National Teaching Fellows at BU.

Each award comprises a sum of £2,000 presented to the individual Fellowship Holder in recognition of their excellent practice. This is accompanied, in negotiation with the line manager, by some re-balance of workload in the following academic year to enable fellows to engage in pedagogic research activities or evaluation and further develop their innovative practice, and disseminate this to a wider audience. The impact of this fellowship activity will be recognised as part of an individual’s outputs for the year, as agreed between the individual Fellow and their line manager.

Application process

Completed applications should be returned to Chris Keenan by autumn 2016 - look out for precise dates on our blog.