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7 reasons to use the TEL Toolkit

So, why would you want to engage with the toolkit? We think there are seven strong reasons.

  1. Happy students is at the top of the list. Engaging students through TEL is a great way to offer a varied approach to teaching and learning, and make the experience enjoyable for and beneficial to students.
  2. To further develop your own skills, competencies and confidence in using TEL tools and your teaching and learning pedagogy. The toolkit will be available either by tool (How do I use Panopto?) and also pedagogically (How can I better engage students?) so that you can learn more about the available tools and also explore new ways to teach.
  3. To facilitate new learnings and experiences that could be used as the basis for research outputs.
  4. As the basis for seeking internal or external funding.
  5. To receive personal and professional recognition for your expertise using the tools. This may include awards such as the Learning and Teaching Fellowship or be used in appraisals and for pay/grade progression.
  6. To enhance your professional capabilities and engagement.
  7. If you are seeking a HEA fellowship or higher levels of membership, you could use the toolkit to develop or enhance your skills and use these achievements to support your application.