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Helping you towards that 'light bulb moment'

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It's often the random article, discussion or video that starts us thinking about what we do and how we do it, and whether there are different or better ways to achieve our goals.

On this page of the TEL Toolkit you will find links to new tools, videos, papers and blogs that may offer a new, or different, view on learning in higher education.

To encourage the building of an academic community which shares knowledge and expertise, your input and expertise is sought. Please contribute your thoughts via the TEL Toolkit feedback form, or FLIE on Twitter.

Explore and find out more

TED promo

TED talks

TED is a nonprofit organisation devoted to 'ideas worth spreading'. Take a look at some of the 2100+ lectures.

Find out how these digital tools could help your learning

Talis Aspire Reading Lists

Talis Aspire Reading Lists

Talis Aspire Reading Lists is a cloud-based system that enables you to create dynamic and up-to-date reading lists.



Use SlideShark from a computer or your iOS mobile device, simply upload a PowerPoint file to your secure online account.


Find out about Mentimeter, a tool that enables your students to vote using smartphones during a lecture.

'Newish' kids on the block


Gamification is the use of a pedagogical system that was developed within gaming design, but which is implemented within a non-game context. Find out more. ...


Find out who is providing Massive Open Online Courses. This may be a good place to find some free usable learning objects.