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Preparing Brightspace for the next academic year

The new curricular units for 2020/21 are now available on Brightspace for staff. Students will access the 2020/21 units one week prior to the start of semester one, for the majority of programmes this will be 14 September.

What are the next steps for staff?

Guidance for unit preparation which includes adding staff to units, building content, copying content from previous years and other useful tips is available from the Unit preparation Guidance page in the Brightspace Staff Resources area.

What's New?

Unit activation

Units will now be set to Active by default which will mean that units for Semester 1/2/3 will be visible to students from one week prior to the start of Semester 1. This will reassure students that they have access to what they need to begin the year and reduce the significant amount of queries generated in previous years regarding missing units.

Units should have their Unit Information & Organisation content areas populated along with a welcome or holding announcement prior to 14th September. Learning materials should be hidden whilst being developed and then made available or date released for the delivery of the unit.

Homepage and unit homepage updates

Some new updates will be applied to the Brightspace homepage and unit homepages to help organise units by academic year and show updates on recent activity.

More information on the homepage updates

Missing units?

Unit leads should have immediate access to the new curricular units on Brightspace and are responsible for adding members of their teaching teams. If you do not have access to the units that you are leading or your unit lead is unavailable then please contact the IT Service Desk on 01202 965515 or raise a ticket online and we’ll provide access as soon as possible.

Key dates

Tuesday 13 July - The curriculum for 2020/21 is available on Brightspace.

Monday 17 August - New students first access the Faculty Arrivals Preparation areas on Brightspace.

Friday 14 September - The majority of students will gain access to their 2020/21 units.

Help and support

Online guidance for the key activities is available from the unit home page, just click on the question mark icons within the 'Preparing your unit' widget. Further guidance can be found in the Brightspace Staff Resources area which is available to staff from the Help menu in the Brightspace navigation bar.

Contact the TEL Innovation Team to get in touch with a Learning Technologist for guidance, consultation, best practice advice, new ideas or bespoke training requirements.

Technical and urgent issues

If you are a Unit Leader and cannot see your new unit(s), are experiencing any technical issues with unit preparation or have any other urgent TEL related issues then just contact the IT Service Desk 01202 965515 or log a job online.