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The way forward

Toolkit roadmap

Like many areas of higher education, TEL is changing continually. The roadmap lets you know of the planned work on the TEL Toolkit in the coming months. 

Tools to be added

Here, we list the tools to be added to the toolkit and the date on which we expect to do this work.

Currently there are no tools to be added

Tools recently added

See the list of tools that have recently been added to the Toolkit.

Tools in use but not in the Toolkit

This section of the roadmap lists the tools we are aware are being tested or used but which, for now, are not included in the Toolkit.

The tools are:

  • ConnectTxt
  • Xerte
  • Jing
  • Snagit
  • Google docs
  • iTunesU
  • Publisher created content
  • myBU survey
  • iPads in HE

Tools to be retired

In this section we list the tools that will be removed from the Toolkit and the intended date.

Currently there are no tools to be retired.

How to feedback on the Toolkit

Our aim is to ensure the TEL Toolkit is always helping BU staff to use technology in their teaching and learning. We can only do this with your help. If you have comments, suggestions or other feedback, please use this form to contact us