What is Brightspace?

Brightspace is BU's new VLE and replaced myBU.  Brightspace is visually a cleaner, more modern VLE that has been optimised for mobile devices.  With Brightspace's responsive design, pages adapt to different screen sizes so users will have the same experiences whether they access the site on a phone, tablet or PC.

Staff and students began using Brightspace from semester 1 of the 2017/18 academic year during a phased implementation.

40% of units across the university are being taught in Brightspace during phase 1 of the project.

Brightspace Training

We have developed on online training module for Brightspace which staff involved are able to access.  Either click on Brightspace Online Training or search for this unit from the course selector.  The online training offers staff a self-paced hands-on way to learn the basics of Brightspace.

To support the online training, we have organised a number of drop-in sessions where you can come and gain help with Brightspace.  Brightspace Resources

This section contains a list of Brightspace resources.  Note that the first resource is available only within Brightspace so you will need to have completed the training to be able to access it. 

1.  Within Brightspace, staff have access to Brightspace Staff Resources that contains helpful video guides provided by D2L.  As more and more tools are made available within the VLE, these resources will be updated to ensure staff are supported through the implementation and into the future.  Click on Help from the Brightspace landing page to access this resource.

2.  All staff can join the Brightspace Community which offers video and step-by-step text guides (for academic staff and students), blogs, forums and access to D2L's Product Ideas Exchange (or the PIE). Users of Brightspace can suggest improvements or new features that can be voted on by other users, if the suggestion is popular enough, D2L may implement it in a future release.

3.  Look out for Brightspace news on the V4L site or on the FLIE blog.

4.  Check for answers in Frequently Asked Questions.

5.  Brightspace offers academic staff new and engaging ways to interact with students.  To make full use of these features requires staff to spent time learning and testing the new features and functions of Brightspace. We suggest you aim to try a couple of the new features in the first semester as you build and expand on your Brightspace knowledge.  Next year, once your experience and confidence has grown, you may want to develop your unit further.  We will be there to help and support you on your Brightspace journey.

Help with Brightspace

If you would like help or support with Brightspace we ask that you log a job with the Service Desk either online or by calling 65515.  If you say the call is in regard to Brightspace, the Service Desk will log it and then pass it to us for attention.  We will then respond to you.  One area in which you may need to log a call is if you would like Panopto recordings created in myBu to be transferred to Brightspace.  We can help with any query regarding pedagogy or the use of Brightspace.