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What is Padlet?

Padlet works like an online sheet of paper onto which people can add content for example images, videos, documents, text or links to external resources.  The content can be placed anywhere on the page and then moved around if necessary.  Anyone with a device that can access the internet should be able to engage with the page and view or add content.

Why use Padlet?

In teaching and learning, Padlet can be used to capture responses and this can work well in large groups where students are perhaps unwilling to ask a question.  Instead, the student can type the question onto the Padlet wall and the tutor can pause throughout the lecture to check for content and respond to new posts or questions. 

Padlets walls can be used to collate resources on a particular subject and walls can be linked together.

How to use Padlet

The University has a site wide staff license for Padlet, to set up your account and access guidance for using Padlet access our Padlet guidance in the Brightspace Staff Resources pages.