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What is Panopto?

Panopto is an easy to use desktop and lecture recording tool and video hosting platform. Whether you wish to record lectures, perhaps for students to access during revision or whether you wish to create 'flipped classroom' activities, Panopto allows you to capture from your screen along with video and audio and then make the recording available within Brightspace for your students to view, all in a few simple steps. 

Other key features of Panopto include:

  • Video content is streamed so that it can be played back instantly online
  • Can be viewed and uploaded from mobile devices
  • Pre-recorded video files can be easily uploaded
  • Video content can be edited online via a browser
  • Flexible video sharing and permission management
  • Captured PowerPoint slides automatically create an in-built video navigation menu
  • Analytics show how video is being viewed
  • Live webcasting from a lecture theatre or your desk
  • Search functionality is able to locate content that is spoken or displayed as text during recordings.

Why use Panopto?

Panopto is well suited for delivering ‘flipped classroom’ activities as it provides an easy to use solution for creating and delivering multimedia content. Focused topics areas which would otherwise be covered in face to face teaching can be captured in short videos, these are then viewed by students prior to a lecture, thus freeing up time in the lecture to further explore, assess and deepen understanding.

As well as being a tool for content creation, Panopto can also be used to supplement existing teaching activities. Through recording of teaching sessions, access for students to the delivered content is enhanced.

There is a wide consensus that provision of lecture recordings is beneficial to students in higher education as it allows them to recap on theories or concepts, supports students from non-English-speaking backgrounds and generally improves student's satisfaction.

In my first and second year, two of our lecturers recorded lectures for us, so we could re-watch them if we needed to. It was really helpful when it came to revision because we could look back at the videos and know exactly what was said rather than try and remember from our notes and possibly get things wrong.” Shannon Knight, Finance, Management, Final Year

The University of Sheffield reviewed research on lecture recording and highlighted the following benefits:

  • Many students report that they find it much easier to learn material on a course with lecture capture (Traphagan et al., 2009)
  • Students are eager to be able to use lecture capture to be able to review course content at a later date to enable them to clarify difficult concepts (Davis et al., 2009)
  • Students who use supplemental learning have higher final marks (Von Konsky et al.,2009)
  • Students are able to spend less time taking notes and are able to engage with the course material rather than focusing on taking notes (Karnad, 2013)
  • The majority of students access lecture recordings in order to clarify areas that they did not understand from the lecture (Song et al., 2006).

    View the full reportThe University of Sheffield, 2014. Benefits of Lecture Capture [online]. Sheffield. Available from [Accessed 7 January 2020]

How to use Panopto for flipped classroom activity

Panopto is available for any BU staff member, to get started,check out our guidance material in the Brightspace Staff Resource area.

​How to use Panopto for lecture, seminar and event recording

Access the lecture, seminar and event recording page for further information on how to record in BU teaching spaces.