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Lecture, seminar and event recording

This page provides room specific quick guides and practical information for using Panopto to record teaching and events in various rooms across the BU campuses.

The standard provision for lecture and seminar recording at BU supports screen and audio recording (with the exception of Kimmeridge House KG01 and the Fusion Share lecture theatre that have dedicated cameras).

Lecture theatres are equipped with boundary microphones (and clip-on/handheld microphones in the larger rooms). A boundary microphone will record clear audio within a 4m radius of the lectern. Clip-on/hand-held mics will record higher quality audio but need to be worn/held by the presenter, and when used, the microphone signal will be amplified through the room's sound system.

Other teaching spaces are equipped with document cameras, these feature an integrated microphone which can be used to record audio with Panopto.

You can check the equipment available in any room via the Service Now Knowledge base. Each room has an article in the Knowledge Base which lists where Document Cameras and webcams are available.

If your chosen room does not contain a Boundary microphone or Document Camera then contact a Learning Technologist who can advise on the required equipment. 

Teaching guides

The following guides show how to record with Panopto where the recording will be shared via units in Brightspace.

Events guides

The following guides show how to record with Panopto where the recordings will not be shared in Brightspace. This type of activity is normally relevant to Services or Events. If you have not recorded using Panopto previously contact [email protected] to setup your account and recording permissions.

Recording with guest lecturers and students

Any speakers who are external to BU should be required to complete the Guest Lecturer consent form.  This is available in the right hand menu.

Students should be notified prior to recording a lecture or event. The 'This lecture is being recorded' powerpoint slide (available in the right hand menu) can be shown to at the start of a lecture or event and provides the students with useful information about the recording process.