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What is uGrade?

uGrade is BU's name for a peer and self-assessment system called WebPA, and is a product of Loughborough University and University of Hull. This system is open source, locally hosted and integrated with Brightspace. It allows groups of students to mark each other's (and their own) participation in group work against set criteria. uGrade will then calculate grades for each student based on the marks they have given each other, which can then be automatically used as a weighting on the overall grade awarded by the tutor for a groups' project. 

This means that if a group project is given 70% overall by the tutor, then the students that were considered to have worked well on the project by the other group members will get over 70%, and those who were considered to have contributed less will get below 70%.

Why use uGrade?

“Convenient”, “Easy”, “Best SPA I have done so far”.

uGrade is useful in marking group work as it:

  • enables lecturers to provide fairer individual marking when accessing group work
  • is flexible as it allows students to carry out self and peer assessment anywhere and anytime
  • allows tutors control over types of assessment, deadlines and process
  • is part of Brightspace and can be used with existing groups
  • allows you to export data in various formats (including excel) so that lecturers can use their own formulas to produce final marks.

How to use uGrade

To find out more about using uGrade access the guidance in the right hand menu or contact your Faculty Learning Technologist if you have further questions.