Catchbox is a 'throwable' padded microphone that can be used during lectures and seminars to increase student participation and get the audience talking.

The Catchbox cube houses a wireless microphone that’s been specifically designed to be thrown around a room or passed from person to person. The device communicates with a receiver that can be connected to the lecture or seminar room PC, or any sound system, via the audio jack.

To avoid unwanted noises, the microphone senses the motion of the cube and switches off the audio when it is thrown around. Once caught, it instantly switches the audio back on until thrown again.

Catchbox is great for breaking down barriers and formalities, encouraging contributions and making it fun to get involved.

Research into large group teaching shows that both lower level skills and higher level skills (Bloom 1956) can be developed through engaging students with active learning.

To find out more about Catchbox or to request a demo, please contact your faculty learning technologist.

Ref: Bloom, BS, 1956. Taxonomy of educational objectives: the classification of education goals.