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What is a blog?

A blog is a frequently updated online journal or diary. It is an online space where you can share your practice, interests, thoughts and ideas. It is like a personal website that you update on a continual basis as your topic area, experience or interests develop.

Technically, a blog is a simple tool although has a range of applications in an educational and professional context. Student blogging provides effective ways of supporting student learning and carrying out assessment.

Why blog?

A blog enables you to:

  • to reflect on your practice and experiences
  • deliver arguments and supporting evidence
  • provide commentary on a subject
  • share your knowledge and expertise
  • analyse a topic, adding information over several weeks or the entire term.
  • let people comment and engage with discussion around your topic
  • establish a 'community' around a particular topic.

How to blog

Blogging on the web: As an expert in your subject field you may wish to write a blog to collect and discuss recent developments or to share aspects of your own research and experiences. Using a blog on publicly available platform (such as WordPress or Blogger) can facilitate discussion with an external audience including other experts in your field and can also be used to engage with your students. The blog may be relevant to one or more of your Brightspace units from which it can be linked.

Students may also be encouraged to use external blog tools where availability of the blog to the external or multi-discipline audience (outside the population of a Brightspace unit)  is key. It is however important to note that the longevity, stability, availability, and security of an external platform can present risks outside the control of the University.