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What is Twitter?

A Tweet is a message posted on that appears immediately to all Twitter users who have chosen to follow the person who posted the message. All Tweets are limited to 140 characters. These short messages allow you to disseminate information, communicate in real time with large groups, and archive conversations.

You can use a Twitter widget to integrate a feed of your own Tweets or the results of a Twitter search into your content on myBU. The feed is updated in real time, with new activity. Even students without Twitter accounts can explore the feed content. 

How do I use Twitter?

  • Log in to Twitter or set up a Twitter account and go to twitter widgets
  • Select My Website
  • Select Profile Widget to publish your own Tweets. Alternatively, select Search, Faves or List
  • Preview the widget and customise as appropriate by selecting Preferences, Appearance and Dimensions.
  • Under Dimensions select auto width
  • Click Finish and Grab Code
  • Select and copy all of the code. 

Embedding Twitter links on Brightspace

  • You will need to navigate to someone's Twitter page, and copy and paste their Twitter URL into this link
  • You will then be given the options to choose how you would like the twitter feed to be displayed - either by embedding their timeline, or embedding twitter buttons.
  • If you choose the embed timeline option you can press the 'set customization options' to changed the height and width and look of the twitter feed.
  • Press update, and you will then be provided with your copy code which you can use to embed the feed within Brightspace.
  • If you choose the twitter buttons option you can then choose to embed the follow button, or the mention button. You can customize these buttons and you will be able to copy and paste the embed code.
  • Navigate to where you would like to embed Twitter on Brightspace. If you wish to add the Twitter feed/buttons as a piece of content, press Create a File, and open the (HTML Source Editor button).
  • Delete the standard piece of code, paste your embed code, and press Save and Close. The Twitter feed will now be present within Brightspace.