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What is Camtasia?

Camtasia is an advanced screen capture/screencast tool and offers a feature-rich toolset capable of creating professional -looking interactive presentations and walkthroughs. Camtasia provides many features such as callouts, captioning, pan and zoom. Camtasia also has an extensive range of file outputs.

The Learning Technologists recommend using Panopto for screen capturing and screen casting; however if more advanced editing/production is required, then Camtasia is an alternative.

Why use Camtasia?

Camtasia can be used to:

  • create online lectures and presentations
  • produce narrated slides that can be used for 'out of classroom' learning and revision
  • produce step-by-step software audio and visual guides, with added annotations
  • feedback on assignments using audio and visual annotations.

How to use Camtasia

If you do wish to use Camtasia rather than Panopto, a software license must first be purchased, it can then be installed on your computer. There will be a cost associated with this. Camtasia requests can be raised through the IT Service Desk. If you want to provide narration and video footage, microphones and webcams can also be sourced via IT.