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What is PeerWise?

PeerWise is an online multiple choice question (MCQ) application that is accessible by all staff and students. It provides a shared, collaborative learning environment.

Why use PeerWise?

.. deepens and expands students’ knowledge by giving them a chance to create questions and also to test their knowledge through answering the questions set by others.

Huseyin Dogan, Senior Lecturer in Computing

PeerWise encourages students to:

  • review peer work and their own learning
  • develop question asking and answering skills
  • think creatively and critically
  • interactive and intuitive multiple learning platform
  • be competitive - leaderboards promote competition – question ratings and scores.

How to use PeerWise

Go to the PeerWise site and view the screen casts, produced by the Physics Education Research Group at the University of Edinburgh, to help you start using PeerWise.

Case studies and articles

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