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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a freely available online tool for pinning visual items or bookmarks to “boards” which can be shared or kept private. It is a great visual tool, like a virtual scrapbook or pin board, and has a number of applications.

Why use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a useful way of engaging students in a more visual manner - like an online pin board, they can be populated with all kinds of images, clippings and other artefacts around any topic.

Dr Debbie Holley, Professor of Learning Innovation, Faculty of Health & Social Sciences

Pinterest is great for sharing web resources that students may find interesting or relevant and can be used by academics and students to create, develop and share resources and knowledge bases. 

Students can “pin” useful resources, websites, images or videos for their studies, and academics can ‘”pin” resources related to themes in their teaching, professional practice or research. Boards can then be shared, or others can re-pin items from their peers' or colleagues’ boards; they can be commented on, and notes can be added.

How to start using Pinterest

To start pinning and using Pinterest, you will need to download the Pinterest applet.

  1. Go to Pinterest Goodies
  2. Click on ‘Install Now’ to download the appropriate applet (you may need to restart your browser for it to take effect)
  3. The little Pin button will now appear within your browser and when you find something on the web, you can then pin it to a board within your Pinterest account.