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What is TurningPoint?

TurningPoint is an audience response system. It enables your audience to participate and interact in lectures by submitting responses to questions using a small handset. After each question you can present graphs to display the audience’s overall responses. The session data can be also be saved for analysis and report generation.

Why use TurningPoint?

I used the TurningPoint software in one of my lectures for the first time last semester  and with the support of the Learning technologist it was easy to set up.    It was great to get instant feedback on the content I was delivery to gauge student understanding.   The feedback I got from the students was extremely positive and I would definitely be using Turningpoint again.

Christina Squires, Demonstrator, Events Management

TurningPoint can aid students and academics by encouraging interactive engagement. It also:

  • provides anonymity for polling sensitive topics
  • initiates discussion within a lecture
  • supports flipped classroom initiatives
  • allows formative feedback on learning within a lecture
  • supports unit feedback
  • improves attentiveness
  • provides data for reporting and analysis
  • enables you to track individual responses
  • aids critical thinking, e.g. take a poll at the beginning of a session, discuss an issue, then take a poll towards the end and note the difference in students’ attitudes.

How to use TurningPoint

TurningPoint5 should already be available on your PC, if not contact the IT Service Desk. For home PCs and laptops TurningPoint5 is available to download for free. There are approximately 500 handsets available for loan and these are bookable via IT services.

When booking the handsets IT Services must be given at least five working days' notice prior to your lecture. The team will then be able to ensure that the equipment in the teaching room is fit for purpose. Accordingly, whilst we do not expect there to be any technical disruption to your teaching session, we do recommend that as a precaution against failure of the handsets or receiver, you make adequate provision for contingency measures.

For further support contact your Faculty Learning Technologist.

When using TurningPoint IT Services recommend:

  • you introduce a ‘test slide’ at the start of your presentation (e.g. ‘which mode of transport did you use to travel to the university today?’) which the IT Technicians can monitor and gauge with you whether the system is working effectively before moving on to their next assignment and enabling you to commence you teaching session
  • once your session is running, should a problem with the equipment develop, please report this to the IT Service Desk on extension 65515. 

If requested, IT Services can provide a technician at the start of your teaching session to install the necessary equipment and distribute the handsets to students. They will also return at the end of the session to collect the USB dongle from the teaching PC and the handsets from students.