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Turnitin iPad app

What is the iPad Turnitin app?

It is now possible to carry out most of the functionality available with Turnitin's GradeMark tool via a user-friendly iPad app.

Downloading the iPad Turnitin app

Before using the app for the first time you will need to download it to your iPad. To do this:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPad and search for ‘Turnitin’
  2. The app is free, so tap on FREE and then on INSTALL to download it.

When you first open the app you will be asked to select which version of Turnitin you use. The first question relates to the locality and you should select TurnitinUK.

In the next screen you are asked how you usually access Turnitin. You should select Integrated LMS.

On the final screen, click Continue.

There is no login for using the app with Turnitin at BU. Instead you will need to generate a ‘class access code’ in order to access the assignments in your unit. For information on how to do this, see Online feedback – Accessing Assignments on the iPad App.

How to use the iPad app

For details on how to use the Turnitin iPad app view the guides in the right hand menu.