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Turnitin PeerMark

What is PeerMark?

PeerMark is a peer review assignment tool which enables you to create and manage PeerMark assignments that allow students to read, review and evaluate one or many papers submitted by their peers. With the advanced options in PeerMark you can choose whether the reviews are anonymous or attributed, decide if students should be excluded from reviews, or pair students to assign them with specific papers to review.

Note: PeerMark grades can't be passed back to the Brightspace Grade book.

Why use PeerMark?

  • Peer review is a popular teaching practice, with a strong body of evidence showing that it helps improve student writing, editing and critical thinking. Carrying out peer reviews on paper can lead to a number of challenges.
  • The PeerMark tool in Turnitin helps to eliminate these challenges and complexities. Using a simple web-based interface, lecturers can set up and manage assignments, provide structured guidance and monitor the results with limited effort. Students can easily upload, review and comment on each other’s papers, prompted by lecturer-supplied questions and guidelines.

How to use PeerMark

PeerMark is part of the Turnitin toolset and is only available for use with papers that are submitted via a Turnitin assignment box.

Access detailed instructions on how to use PeerMark.