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Clément Nicolas is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral researcher. His researches focus on the first metalworking societies during the IIIrd and the IInd millennia BCE in Europe. As lithic specialist, he led studies on productions and functions of fancy archery-related items (arrowheads, bracers and so on) in several countries in order to track their biographies and their relations to social hierarchies: in France, Britain and Denmark during his PhD, in Central Europe as a postdoctoral fellow of the Foundation Fyssen. He works as well on the questions of craftsmanship and Atlantic exchange networks through the studies of a range of grave goods (metal artefacts, jewellery).

In the meanwhile, he developed a field approach in Brittany leading or participating to several surveys and excavations on Neolithic and Early Bronze Age periods. These researches aim to study the territories and the structures of human settings (graves, settlements, field systems…) to provide a better understanding of the rise of highly stratified societies.