Duncan is a Lecturer in Computer Science and Security in the Department of Computing & Informatics at Bournemouth University, and the Programme Leader for the MSc Cyber Security and Human Factors. Current and previous research has explored how techniques from Requirements Engineering can be used to align with the assessment of security, risk, and human factors, specifically in the context of Systems of Systems, whilst integrating the use of tool-support with CAIRIS, and which now explores inclusive and accessible security by design. Duncan’s work has appeared in leading security and system engineering venues such as Computers & Security and the IEEE SoSE, in addition to ESPRE 2017 and ESPRE 2018. Duncan has also served as a student volunteer at British HCI 2016, RE 2017, RE 2018, and RE 2019, and since 2019 has been part of the organising committee for the ESPRE (Evolving Security & Privacy Requirements Engineering) Workshop held at the annual RE conference.


Previous and current research therefore incorporates a number of research areas of interest. These include but are not limited to: Security, Risk, Human Factors, Privacy, Trust, Cyberpsychology, Interoperability, Usability, Socio-Technical Systems, System of Systems Engineering (SoSE), and Requirements Engineering (RE). Research also considers how using existing state of art tool-support such as CAIRIS can assist with the elicitation and modelling of such systems, aiding security risk assessment of SoS.


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