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Dr Henry Ngenyam Bang is a motivated, ambitious, talented, & accomplished lecturer, researcher & disaster management (DM) professional with more than 15 years’ experience in Africa & the UK. Dr Bang’s academic profile reveals interdisciplinary knowledge in Applied Geology (BSc, MSc) obtained in Africa & International Development (2nd MSc & PhD), research in DM, obtained in the UK. Henry has a UK professional higher education (HE) teaching qualification (PGCE) & has achieved the status of Fellow of the UK HE Academy.

Dr Bang has substantial teaching experience in Cameroon and the UK in the areas of Geology and DM. He applies innovative & engaging pedagogical teaching techniques like Problem Based Learning (PBL) to enrich the experiences of his MSc, BSc & CPD students by enabling them to combine, consolidate, assimilate and integrate contemporary DM knowledge. Furthermore, Henry is MSc Unit leader, guides & mentors PG students, supervises PhD & MSc dissertations, does internal probatory PhD reviews & acts as an external PhD examiner.

Dr Bang has achieved exceptional record of research output with several high quality published articles in top peer review international journals. He has presented several academic papers in top international conferences in Africa, Europe and the USA. In addition, Henry has contributed to book chapters in DM, and written a book entitled “30 Years After the Lake Nyos Disaster: What Prospects for Rehabilitation and Reintegration in the Region? Disaster Management, Social Vulnerability, Risk Perception and Relocation Decisions in Cameroon.”

Dr Bang participates in the BUDMC’s enterprise, professional practice & consultancy activities, which span stakeholders/partners in the public & private sectors within the UK & other countries abroad. Henry is the expert DM trainer in natural hazard-induced disasters and related themes in the renowned BUDMC’s annual International DM Course that attracts DM professionals from around the world.


Dr Bang has interdisciplinary research interests in disaster risk reduction/management & International Development related themes like governance/institutional frameworks, climate change-induced risks and natural/anthropogenic hazards. Of peculiar interest, are the trajectories of vulnerability/resilience including implications for sustainable development particularly in developing countries.

Dr Bang’s most recently acquired GCRF funded project as PI was in February 2020 after a competitive bidding process. The project entitled “Enhancing Livelihood Resilience of Protracted Internally Displaced Populations (IDPs) in West Africa” (ELIED), focuses on Cameroon’s IDPs due to the ongoing Anglophone political crisis. ELIED’s strategic aim is to generate innovative solutions to the intractable development problem of IDP’s over-reliance on aid by identifying practicable pathways to healthier/safer lives, equal/effective education, social justice & human rights. The research outcome is expected to unveil opportunities & strategies that ensure IDPs are more resilient in the long-term through a better comprehension of their livelihood perspectives, which can shape their livelihood opportunities.

Dr Bang’s has been Co I & principal researcher in the ongoing AFRICAB project that the BUDMC secured in May 2018. The prime objective of AFRICAB is to continually strengthen institutional capacity building in West African DM via a research strategy involving the application of an innovative conceptual framework of “Single Points of Failure” in African DM.

Previously Henry was Co I in the policy oriented, practitioner relevant & collaborative ODA Newton Funded AFRIGATE project involving disaster/emergency management agencies of West African countries. The project successfully investigated & evaluated resistance factors, & innovative concepts of ‘gateways’ & ‘gatekeepers’ in the participating countries of Cameroon, Nigeria & Ghana.


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