Dr Huseyin Dogan joined Bournemouth University (BU) in 2012. He is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Computing and Informatics Research Centre. Dr Dogan is also the Acting Deputy Head of Department; Co-founder and Co-chair of the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research group. His research focuses on Human Factors, Assistive Technology, Digital Health and Systems Engineering.

Prior to this, Dr Dogan led the postgraduate courses (2012-2015) and then the undergraduate courses (2015-2017) in Computing at BU, managing over 900 students. He is also the Co-Founder of four MSc programmes: (1) MSc Digital Health; (2) MSc Digital Health & Artificial Intelligence; (3) MSc Cyber Security & Human Factors; (4) MSc Marketing & User Experience.

He was the General Co-Chair for the 30th International British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Conference. He has over 150 publications and his research on Assistive Technologies (with Dr Paul Whittington) featured on the BBC South, BBC Radio Solent, The Ergonomist, Auto Express, Bournemouth Echo and The Sunday Times magazine.

Dr Dogan’s research was funded by the industry, UKRI, Innovate UK, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), Age UK, Burdett Trust, European Commission (EC), Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF).

Prior to BU, he worked as a Research Associate at Loughborough University. He has 8 years industrial experience working for BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre.

Dr Dogan received his Engineering Doctorate (EngD) in Systems Engineering from Loughborough University, MSc in Human Computer Interaction with Ergonomics from University College London, and BSc in Computer Science from Queen Mary University of London.


SELECTED PROJECTS (Mostly Industry-Based):
• 2021-Present: PI, Health and Wellbeing Application Development, Hampshire Constabulary, UK.
• 2020-Present: Co-I, Promoting technology for self-care for people who are sleeping rough (ProTechS), Burdett Trust.
• 2020-Present: Co-I, Cancer Sensing: Metabolomics and data driven predictive modelling for non-invasive early detection of skin cancer, AboutFace.
• 2020-2021: PI, Authentibility Pass, CyberASAP, Innovate UK.
• 2020-2020: PI, Digital Passport for Accessible Authentication (DP4AA), CyberASAP, Innovate UK.
• 2020-2021: PI, Assistive Technology for Special Educational Needs and Disability (AT4SEND), BU QR Fund.
• 2019-2020: Co-I, TAPCHA: Online Fraud Detection and Prevention, CyberASAP, Innovate UK.
• 2018-2021 : Co-I, Integrating Safety, Security, and Human Factors Engineering in Rail Infrastructure Design & Evaluation, Ricardo plc.
• 2018-2019 : Co-I, Digital Toolkit for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Fatigue Management, HEIF-6.
• 2017-2018: PI, Assistive Technology, BU QR Fund.
• 2016-2019: Co-I, Risk Assessment in Complex SoS, Dstl.
• 2015-2018: Co-I, Anonymous: Online Group Processes, Social Identity and Cyber Security, BU Studentship.
• 2013-2017: PI, SmartAbility - Enhancing Multimodal Interaction for People with Reduced Physical Ability, BU.
• 2014-2015: PI, BU Computer Human Interaction (BUCHI), Fusion Investment Fund.
• 2012-2013: Co-I, Trans-Atlantic Research and Education Agenda on Systems of Systems (T-AREA-SoS), EC Framework VII.
• 2010-2011: Co-I, Information Flow Analysis and Social Network Methods, Transformational Technology Programme .
• 2008-2009: Researcher, Network Enabled Capability Through Innovative Systems Engineering (NECTISE), BAE Systems & EPSRC.
• 2008: Task Manager, Common Operational Picture Exploitation (COPE), EC Framework VII.
• 2008: Evaluation Lead, Open Advanced System for dISaster & Emergency Management (OASIS), EC Framework VI.
• 2008: Intranet Developer, Advanced Technology Centre.
• 2006-2007: User-Centred Designer, Web Based HCI Design Aid for SELEX-SAS.
• 2006-2007: Human Factors Integration Specialist, Future Rapid Effect System (FRES).
• 2005: Analyst, Network Integration Test and Experimentation Works (NITEworks).
• 2005: Head Equipment Assembly (HEA) Engineer, QinetiQ CHS Centrifuge.
• 2004: E-learning Specialist, Microsoft.



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