I am a Senior Lecturer in Psychology in the Faculty of Science and Technology. Before joining BU in March 2018 as a Lecturer, I completed a PhD on non-heterosexual men's kink sexual practices at the University of Sunderland. I am member of the International Academy of Sex Researchers, the Centre for Positive Sexuality, the BPS Sexualities committee, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I am editor for the BPS Sexualities' journal "Psychology of Sexualities Review" and associate editor for "Psychology & Sexuality" and "Journal of Positive Sexuality".


I specialise in qualitative research, exploring the experiences of non-heterosexual individuals, using theories from psychology, sociology and cultural studies. My work focuses on the impact of the internet and the role of community participation for these individuals. I am currently developing a monograph looking at the experiences of non-heterosexual men who engage in kinky sexual practices with Oxford University Press.
I have conducted research into the kink activity of pup play, framing the socio-sexual activity as a form of leisure and documenting how the pup community have adopted social networking sites to form online communities. I have also published on the experiences of bisexual individuals and people with non-exclusive sexualities.