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Sally started at Bournemouth University in 2018, becoming Deputy Head of Department in 2020. Education wise, Sally's background is in engineering geomorphology and the ocean and earth sciences, having gained her degrees from the University of Southampton.

Sally is particularly interested in the impacts of sea-level rise and climate change adaptation. Sally was a lead in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's 1.5°C report, published in October 2018. She is now contributing to the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment.

She is also keen to see the benefits of research in society, having previously undertaken a placement as part of her research and assisted with impact case studies for the forthcoming Research Excellence Framework (REF) within the department.


Sally is interested in coastal geomorphology, the impacts of sea-level rise on a range of settings and climate change adaptation at local to global scales, plus the long-term sustainability of coastal zones.

Sally's research interests all hinge around physical and social interactions in the coastal zone, particularly integrating research across disciplines. This covers the following themes:

*Global and continental impacts of sea-level rise

*Regional and local impacts of sea-level rise

*Small islands, impacts and sustainable development

*Deltas, impacts and subsidence

*Adaptation to sea-level rise, erosion and flooding

*Heritage and coastal change

*Shoreline management and policy implications

*Coastal sustainability, anthropogenic and environmental change

*Erosion, geomorphology and defences

Her research has covered global, African and European scale analysis, plus Bangladesh, China, Ghana, India, Maldives and Vanuatu.

She is happy to collaborate research on any of these topics or other issues relating to coastal change. Prospective post-graduate research students are also welcome to get in touch.